Valentine's day is just around the corner and here we are hunting the best possible gifts for our loved ones. V-day is not only for humans but for our pets as well. Man’s best friend deserves a gift and we can help you choose the right dog gift.

Before you gift you dog something, make sure to build the hype around the event.

1) Talk to your dog in an excited voice. He will sense something is up!

2) Give him a lot of snuggles , head rubs, and belly tickles. Basically he should reach doggy heaven. 

3) Then you hide your Valentine gift behind you, and you pretend to play a game of hide and seek the gift. By now, your dog will be on it's very edge dying to know what the hell is going on!

4) Then you slowly let him have the gift. :) 

5) Constantly pet and praise him so that he associates the gift with happiness. 


Here are our suggestions for some great dog valentine gifts! 

Top Five Dog Gift Options:

1. Treats: There is no denying that dogs love treats. Get a Drool-worthy treat for your dog as a gift, not a regular treat, something they haven't tried, and you can never go wrong. Biscuit treats, chew treats, Grain-free treats - name it and we have it. Check our range of dog treats to buy the best dog gift for this Valentine's Day.

2.Toys: Dogs are not only the best companions to humans but they are more like precious babies to their pet parents. Who says ‘NO’ to toys for their babies? Your doggie baby is going to love new toys and it's the best dog gift for dogs of any age. Choose from our range of organic toys that are non-toxic and safe for your pets, indestructible chew toys and fetch toys to choose from.

3. Collars and Leashes: Give a new look to your pets by grabbing a collar with a coordinating leash. Durable and colorful patterned collars and leashes are a wonderful dog gifts, and will also make pet parents happy as well:)

Cocker spaniel with collar and leash-Poochles

4. Pet Clothing: Dress up your pet on valentine's day to be as fashionable and trendy as you. Pet clothing is an unbeatable gift. A simple hoodie or a sweater for your dog is an excellent dog gift idea and it is also going to keep your furry friend warm and wrapped in love this winter.

5. Pet Health Care and Supplements: This year, true expression of love is by choosing the right health options and supplements for your beloved pet. We have a range of health supplements to choose according to your pet needs and it definitely makes it to our list of dog gift ideas.

Love blocks-Poochles



Dogs need and understand the expression of love just like humans do. They associate every hug, kiss, and cuddles as a sign from you that you are happy with them. Shower them with all the love unconditionally just as they do, and say it with the right dog gift. :)