We all love to dress up and we make sure that we update our wardrobes with the latest set of fashionable clothes and accessories that are in vogue. As pet parents, why do we have to miss out on the latest trends that are cool in dog fashion too? Dog jewelry is now the new talk of the town among all pet parents.

Why Dog Jewelry?

Dog jewelry and accessories are increasingly popular these days. Many pet parents, especially women like to adorn their pets with jewelry. Any piece of jewel definitely adds sparkle to you and your pet.

Celebrity Pets With Dog Jewelry

Lisa Vanderpump’s dog - Giggy is known to wear matching jewelry like Lisa at all times. The American media personality Paris Hilton's chihuahua - Tinkerbell is one dog that everyone knows. Tinkerbell wears a diamond embedded collar and follows her mistresses' fashion sense.

Tinkerbell with Diamond collar-Poochles

How to Dress Up Your Dogs?

  1. Always know that human fashion can be followed for pets as well. If animal prints are trending in human fashion, then you might very well go ahead and choose a similar print for your dogs as well.

  2. Dress up your dogs appropriate to the festive season. For example, do not put on Halloween costumes for your pets during Christmas.

  3. Make sure you dress up girl dogs with accessories like bandanas and boy dogs with bow ties. However, bandanas are available for the heroes as well.

  4. Don't just concentrate on dressing up your pet, but give importance to his/her comfort. Your dog should feel comfortable and should be able to run and jump around with the costume.

  5. If you like it simple, just an elegant beaded dog necklace around your pet's neck is going to make heads turn around.

Pug wearing T-shirt-Poochles

Always remember to be updated about the latest in trends so that you could keep in pace. Have fun dressing up your furry babies!