Fish oil supplements hold a top-notch spot in the nutrition table due to their varying health benefits. These fish oils are not only beneficial to pets but also human. Fish oil for dogs and cats are increasingly popular and we are going to discuss the key benefits and dosage instructions.

Fish oil- Poochles

From Where Is Fish Oil For Dogs and Cats Derived?

Fish oil is commonly found in oilfishes like sardines, tuna, trout, salmon and anchovies. These oils are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are not produced by animals in their bodies, hence should be administered as fish oil supplements.

Top Reported Benefits of Fish oil for Dogs and Cats:

  • Arthritis and Joint Health: Omega 3 fatty acids are proven to have anti-inflammatory properties that help old and aging dogs with arthritis thus improving joint mobility and support.
  • Immune Support: Fish oil is known to provide immune support and thus reduce secondary infections.
  • Brain Health: Fish oil for dogs and cats is proven to improve cognitive skills in pet thus aiding in trainability.
  • Shiny Coat: The anti-inflammatory properties present in fish oil helps in relieving itchy skin in dogs and promotes lustrous skin and coat in them.
  • Heart Care: Fish oils for dogs decreases the lipid levels in blood and helps in preventing cardiac problems.

Dosage Of Fish Oil For Dogs and Cats:

Fish oils come in capsules and in liquid forms. There are also a number of treats available that are rich in omegas and fish oil for dogs. The general recommendation of Omega 3 is 20-55mg  for both dogs and cats. However, It is best to consult a vet before you start administering fish oil for your dogs and cats to know the right quantity according to your pet's requirements.

We are always reaching out the best for our fellow companions and this fish oil supplement can greatly help improve your pet's health. Invest in a good fish oil supplement and always start off slow to see how your pets react to them.