Pet's safety and health is the top priority for most dog parents. Unfortunately, humans and dogs do not speak the same language and it might be difficult for us to understand and know if your dog is in pain.

Certain signs to know that your dog is in pain are easy to identify but we do miss out on certain signs that are difficult to find out. If we miss identifying that your dog is in pain, it is highly stressful on your dog and we let them suffer in silence.

Common Reasons That Causes Pain In Dogs:

  1. Aging
  2. Gastrointestinal Infections 
  3. Arthritis in joints 
  4. Injury while playing
  5. Diseases like cancer or heart problems.

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Signs to Know that Your Dog Is In Pain:

1. Refusing To Play: Your dog may not react when you call them for playing sessions with their favorite toys. Continuous denial to play is a major sign to know that your dog is in pain.

2. A decrease in Appetite: A dog in pain might refuse to eat or their interest in food might have become limited. 

3. Excessive Licking: Constant licking of a particular area of the body is definitely considered serious. Dogs tend to lick a specific part when there is constant pain and may do the same even if the pain is internal.

4. Difficulty in moving: When your dog is in pain due to arthritis, aging or any other injury, it might cause them difficulty in walking and move around. This makes them stick in a particular place or just lie down the whole time.

5. Behavioral changes: Some dogs may also exhibit changes in their sleeping patterns and also groan and grunt while in pain. Signs like excessive panting and defecating inside the house can also indicate that your dog is in pain.

Once you identify your dog is in pain, limit the exercise and provide a quiet resting place for them to recoup.  Pain supplements and aids for dogs are also available to help them relieve and recover from pain. If the signs continue, it is best to make a visit to the vet to find out the major underlying cause of the pain.