Gestation period in dogs last for 63 days with an average of 65 days in number.

It can be quite difficult to identify if your pet is pregnant or not until its 4th week into pregnancy. However, there are certain symptoms to look out for,

1.Sudden Weight Gain

Weight gain is the most easily noticeable symptom of pregnancy. Dogs gain weight in their abdomen area and their tummy fills out. During the last few weeks of pregnancy the tummy area becomes more obviously swollen.


2.Change in Nipple Colour

The nipples of female pregnant dogs tend to get more pinkier and swollen as they get ready to produce milk due to the secretion of hormones.


3.Behavioural Changes

During pregnancy dogs adapt to the change in different ways.

4.Activity Levels

Some dogs tend to become lethargic and sleep all the time. It is advisable to give them their due rest. Your Favorite game of fetch may have to wait.


Some dogs may lose their appetite in the first weeks, similar to what women experience when they get morning sickness. They may eat small portions of food at frequent intervals.Other dogs might have an increase in appetite and start gobbling their food more than usual.


As dogs are closer to their delivery time they show signs of nesting i.e. the pregnant dog will gather all clothing, toys or anything that makes her feel comfortable and secluded in a particular place in order to prepare a warm environment for the newborns.

You can also touch your dog’s belly for puppy movement. However it is advisable to consult certified veterinarian because any wrong move can lead to miscarriage or may harm the unborn puppies.

The duration of pregnancy also depends on a few factors like the size of the litter and breed size. Usually if the litter is small then the pregnancy is last longer since there will be more space in the uterus and if the litter is bigger the pregnancy will be short lived. The breed size also similarly determines the period and duration of pregnancy.

Important Things to Keep In Mind If Your Dog Is Pregnant

if you doubt that your little pooch may be pregnant, schedule an appointment with the vet as soon as you can. Until then, good food, moderate exercise, and a comforting space for her to feel relaxed in, are the best ways to go!

You may want to consider getting her a cardboard box or something comfortable for her to get a “cave-like” secured feeling. However, If she’s not up to it in a couple of days, dont stress her out.

Hey, and get ready for an increased family now. More dogs, more happiness... right?