Have you ever wished so bad to be a dog so you could get to sleep around all day and still be considered adorable? Totally #lifegoals!

It is estimated that dogs spend 60 percent of their day sleeping and the rest either lying around or playing.

Adult dogs sleep for around 14 hours a day on an average and puppies for 18 hours or more a day. It is not a matter of concern unless your dog tends to sleep for almost an entire day or not at all.

Sleep patterns of dogs depend of various factors like breed, weight, activity level and age of the dog. Older dogs tend to tire out pretty quickly and hence need a reasonable amount of time to sleep.

Puppies are highly active and spend most of their awake time playing and therefore sleep for many more hours to reboot themselves.

The breed of the dog also plays an important role in their sleep pattern. Dog breeds that are specifically meant for working purposes need a significant amount of sleep time in a day.

If your dog is more sedentary and lazy and spends most of his day sleeping, it is just because he has nothing else to do.

Remember, it is necessary to check with your veterinarian if you notice any unusual sleeping patterns in your dog. Immoderate sleep in dogs is usually a sign of depression, diabetes, or hypoglycemia.

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