Summer is here and it is very important to keep your dogs cool, hydrated and refreshed.  You could have hours of fun time with your pets outside the house if you know how to keep your dog cool without any worries. 

What Happens If You Don't Keep Your Dog Cool:

When dogs are not cooled down and are exposed to excessive heat or left outdoors for long periods of time during summer, they are easily affected by heat stroke. The common symptoms of heat stroke are:

a. Excessive Panting


c.Increased Heart rate.

d. Excessive thirst

e. Pale gums and red tongue.

What To Do To Cool Down Your Dog Affected By Heatstroke:

Move your dog indoors or to a cool shady place. Use ice packs to cool down the body temperature and give him water to drink. You could also wrap his body with towels dipped in cold water. Take him to the vet as soon as you can.

Key Factors To Keep Your Dog Cool:

a. Always keep plenty of water available for your pet at all times. Hydration is key from inside. You could also carry a portable water bowl while outdoors and during regular walking sessions.

Dog in car:Keep your dog cool-Poochles

b. Never leave your dogs in the car even if it is for a few minutes. The temperature rises very quickly inside the cars.

c. Do not shave off their coat during summer. Dog's coat provides them protection from direct heat reaching their body. However, very hairy dogs can be given a summer trim.

d. Make cold treats by mixing banana and yogurt and freeze them. These treats are healthy and also can be given during a mid hot day. Regular treat-stuffed Kong toys can also be frozen and given to them.

e. Involve play activities with water like swimming which is a great and fun way to keep your dog cool in summer.

f. Go for walks with your pet early in the morning or late evenings, when temperatures are low.

g. Keep your pet indoors or in a shady place especially during midday.

Summer is the best time for you and your pets to get out and play. By following the simple tips said above, you and dog can make the best memories having fun.