In our busy lives, we pet parents do not have much time every day to prepare fresh homemade food for our pets. Hence we depend on the large dry food bags that come to our rescue. So we do our research and get the best of brands in dog food. But do you know that we need to store dog food properly to retain its freshness and not let it spoil? Let us see ways to properly store pet food.

Why Do We Need To Store Dog Food Properly?

Dog foods undergo a process called oxidation, once exposes to air and light. This will cause the food to become stale. Hence we need to store dog food under proper conditions to avoid this.

Storing dog food-Poochles

Tips To Store Dog Food:

a. Do not throw away the dog food package. This pack contains all the information like the ingredients, dosage and especially the date of manufacture and expiry. We need to know the expiry date so that we do not feed our pets expired food.

b.It is ideal to store the dog foods in their original packaging that keeps it away from air and light. Some brands also come in a zip lock bag to retain freshness.

c. Always store dog food in a cool and dry place. In a humid place, the chances of bacteria build-up are high. Never store food under the sink or in the garage.

d. If you like to store your dog's food in any other container, a metal or glass airtight container is preferred over the plastic containers.

e. Wet canned foods must be stored in the fridge and not in the freezer compartment. Once opened, the remaining canned food should be can be saved in the fridge properly covered with a lid and consumed within four to five days.

f. Always use opened food bags within 45 days. Once the food bag is opened, the expiry date becomes void. 

g. Never mix leftover old dog food with the new bag. Finish up the old kibbles and then open the fresh bag of food.

Above all, choose a dog food that is ideal and rich in nutrition for your pet. Always make sure you clean your pooch's bowl after every meal and throw away if the food is left open for a long time. All these might seem simple but they contribute to your pet's health in a small manner.