The foremost worry of every pet parent is the destructive behavior by dogs when they are left alone all by themselves. Your dogs might get nervous and restless when they realize that you are all set to leave the house. Some dogs may also continuously bark and whine. Once you return home, they go all bonkers as if they haven't seen you for ages. This is not normal and you should understand that your dogs may be going through separation anxiety.

Common Symptoms of Separation Anxiety:

  1. Urinating and defecating
  2. Continuous howling and barking
  3. Trying to escape from home
  4. Destruction and chewing off furniture, shoes and other objects.

Destructive behavior in dogs-Poochles

Main Causes of Separation Anxiety:

  1. Change of Pet parents or guardians
  2. Relocation to a different city
  3. Moving into a new home
  4. Death or absence of a family member.

Ways to Deal to Separation Anxiety:

  1. Give a treat that is most loved by your dog every time when you prepare to leave the house. Make sure this is provided only when you are away and not when you are present in the home.
  2. Do not greet your dogs when you leave home. Just get up and quickly leave which might greatly help in separation anxiety.
  3. Leave your things or clothes closer to your dog so that they sense like being with you.
  4. Calming and relaxation chews and aids might help your dog to relax and settle down and assist with separation anxiety.
  5. Engage your pet in a lot of chew toys while you are away that will keep them busy and distracted for long hours.
  6. If the problem exists, reach out to professional help and guidance.

Separation anxiety behaviors are not the result of disobedience. It is a display of symptoms because they are upset and anxious. Understanding this might take some time but can be easily overcome with the right set of actions.