Every dog's body build is different and as a pet parent, we can build up muscle in dogs according to the breed and their natural size. It is not easy to build muscle in dogs that are older but relatively easy in pups as they are still growing.

Three Major Factors to Build Muscle in Dogs:

To gain muscle mass in dogs, the below three factors play an important role.

  1. Physical Exercises along with resistance
  2. Protein-rich dog meals
  3. Proper recovery rest time for the muscles


    Dog training-Poochles

    Simple Exercise to Build Muscle In Dogs:

    When you want to build muscle in dogs, always start with low-intensity exercise programs and then gradually increase the levels. Make sure you start with warm-up exercises like walking your dog for 5 to 10 minutes and then always end the exercise with cooldown slow strolls.

    1. Weight Pulling: Get a proper weight vest or a weight harness for your dog. This will help in getting the weight to distribute evenly on the dog's body and help in strength and weight training.  
    2. Play Tug of War: Dogs absolutely love this and it's a great fun way to build muscle in dogs. Get a tug toy that is durable and also soft on your dog's teeth so that he can hold on to it. This way of exercise builds up a strong bonding between you and your pooch.
    3. Running With Your Pet: Running works out all the group of muscles in the body. You could also join your pup as it is beneficial to keep you in shape as well.
    4. Make Your Dogs Jump: Jumping helps to build muscle in dog's hind legs. Make sure to train your dog when to jump and when not to as they might start jumping on your guests then.
    5. Swimming With Your Dogs: This is one of the best forms of exercise combined with resistance to build muscle in dogs. Your dogs will enjoy this, especially during summer. Swimming provides overall body workout and great for dogs even with arthritis.

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    Muscle building and training can be achieved with the above simple exercise and aid in good health for your pets. Seeing your weak dog turn into a strong cheerful pooch is satisfying.