It is said that dog are distantly related to wolves and the act of howling is involuntary and embedded in their genetic code. Dogs tend to howl for no reason at all. There is no specific or fixed reason as to why dogs howl. Howling can be identified if it is out of aggression or otherwise based on the situation. However, the act of howling can even be the result of sickness or injury.

Certain breeds of dogs tend to howl more than others like the Basset Hound. Malamute, Pomeranian, Beagle, Bloodhound, Chihuahua and the Siberian Husky to name a few.

There are three types of howling,

  1. Bark
  2. Howl
  3. Bay

Howling can be interpreted in many different ways.

  1. Defense mechanism

You may have noticed your dog howling at the sound of a siren or an approaching person or animal. To the dog, the sounds or the sight of an unknown person is danger and hence it begins to howl as an expression of instilling fear or warning.

  1. Communication

Like mentioned, dogs are said to be relatives of wolves and the act of howling is completely normal to them. Dogs may howl to warn other dogs of danger, to assemble the pack, to inform the presence of an unknown canine, attract attention or express anxiety.

  1. Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is more prevalent in new dogs/ puppies. When left alone for a long time, dogs tend to showcase their loneliness or aggression by barking, howling, destruction or escaping. To prevent this, such dogs should be taught proper house manners or can even be given medication as advised by your respective vet.

  1. Sickness or injury

Dogs also tend to communicate their sickness or pain by howling excessively. It is necessary to look out for any injury and immediately take your dog to the vet.

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