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  • Kong Zoomgroom Cat

    Removes loose hair like a magnet. Regular grooming with ZoomGroom effectively reduces hairballs. This Product Approx. Measures: 7x L4.8x W1.3x H
  • Jw Pet Self-Cleaning Slicker Cat

    Ergonomic over-molded handle prevents carpal tunnel syndrome.Self- Cleaning feature removes hair with the touch of a button.Specially designed ôribsö prevent pins from becoming bent when retracting for cleaning.Rounded head allows...
  • Jw Pet Gripsoft Soft Cat Slicker Brush

    The Grip Soft Slicker Brush for Cats is part of the JW feline only grooming line. This gentle slicker with its angled pins is great for everyday grooming to help...
  • Jw Pet Gripsoft Cat Shedding Blade

    The Grip Soft Cat Shedding Blade is an circular shaped blade with tiny teeth attached to a comfortable non-slip rubber handle. This tool is designed to keep fine textured and...
  • Quick View Furminator Long Hair Deshedding Tool For Large Cats - Poochles
    Sold Out

    Furminator Long Hair Deshedding Tool For Large Cats

    By reducing shedding up to 90%, the FURminator deShedding Tool enables you to share your home with your cat, without surrendering it to his hair. The NEW Long Hair deShedding...
  • Coastal Safari Cat Flea Combs Extended Handle

    Our Safari Cat Flea Comb effectively removes fleas and debris and detect skin problems in early stages. Available in single-sided and double-sided. Before using, groom your cat with a Safari...
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