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  • Unique, all-in-one, instant water drinker! No spills, no hassles!
  • Dogs instantly lap up the freshly running stream!
  • 100% free of any "backwash" into the water bottle!

Now, you can quench your pet's thirst in your car, at the park, or anywhere else when you and your dogs are out on the go. Handi Drink Bottle cleverly combines a custom dog water bottle and unique wrap-around water pan into a single, lightweight unit so compact it will fit in your pocket. To give your dog a drink, just snap the bottle to the water pan. Hold the bottle with one hand. Squeeze the bottle and water streams into the pan. Stop squeezing and the automatic valve shuts off the water stream. No spills, no leaks, no wasted water. This unique hand-held use is fun, loving and interactive, just like hand feeding. It also affords a natural, comfortable stand-up drinking height for both you and your dogs. Puts an end to stooping, bending over, or struggling with bottles, bowls or cups on the ground. And one hand always stays free to control your dog's leash for maximum safety.Perfect for the park, walks, hikes, camping, vacations, beach, dog shows.



Plastic Travel water bottle that attaches to your lead or belt loop for easy toting along your walks, runs or trips to your pets favorite places. removable water trout for easy multiple pet access and cleaning. Includes 60 inch carry strap and belt clip


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