⦁ Dogs love to play in water; whether it be a pool, a lake, a river, an ocean, a fountain or just out in the yard.
⦁ This package ensures that your dog wont miss the fun....!!!!!
⦁ Contains-1 Multipet Nautical Anchor Rope Toy, 1 Kong Widgets Braidy Toy, 1 Fruitables Pumpkin Crunchy Dog Treats and 1 Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Jerky Dog Treat.

Multipet Nautical Dog Toys makes sure your pooch has fun both outdoor and indoor. These half plush half neoprene toys have a rope for tugging and a squeak for, well squeaking. They float too. Take these nautical toys aboard when you and your best dog pal are out to sea. KONG Widgets are all thrills for pups seeking an enticing toy challenge that delights with treat-dispensing rewards. The mentally stimulating toys provide a varied puzzle that is unique within each of the four shapes, all being best enjoyed when they are filled with their favorite KONG Widgets treat or KONG Snack. Versatility is the name of the game with these toys as they are great for games of fetch and float for water play fun.Fruitables Pumpkin Crunchy Dog Treats delight your loveable dogs with the amazing aromas, irresistible tastes and satisfying crunch of these unique, all-natural, bite-sized treats. They’re also free of corn, wheat, soy and artificial colors, ingredients or preservatives. Imagine using the finest ingredients in your pantry to create a kitchen filling, delicious muffin aroma that tastes as great as it smells!. Pet Green's Jerky Style Dog Treats Savory Beef (4 oz) are great tasting and healthy as their using real meat and wheat grass.With wheat grass adding fiber, antioxidants and vitamins to your dogs diet, it's a safe alternative to chemically treated outside grass.

Intended For:
This package is intended for water loving pooches

Multipet Nautical Anchor Rope Toy 7"
Kong Widgets Braidy Toy Medium
Fruitables Pumpkin Crunchy Dog Treats 7 Oz
Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Jerky Dog Treat 4 Oz


Products Actual Price Combo Price
Multipet Nautical Anchor Rope Toy 6.00 5.55
Kong Widgets Braidy Toy 10.89 10.00
Fruitables Pumpkin Crunchy Dog Treats 6.21 6.00
Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Jerky Dog Treat 9.95 9.00
TOTAL 33.05 30.55
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