⦁ Dogs love to play in water; whether it be a pool, a lake, a river, an ocean, a fountain or just out in the yard.
⦁ This package ensures that your dog wont miss the fun....!!!!!
⦁ Contains-1 Pet Attire Ribbon Nylon Leash, 1 Coastal Double Ply Nylon Collar, 1 Bixbi Skin and Coat Liver Jerky, 1 Chuckit! Rugged Flyer and 1 Portable Water Feeder.

Pet Attire Ribbon Nylon Leash is an ideal leash for your pooch for daily use. This leash has contemporary ribbon overlay and are the essence of style with attitude.A ribbon overlay for an aesthetic look. Coastal Double-Ply Nylon Dog Collar is made with durability and style in mind.With two layers of nylon sewn together, this collar offers extra strength for large dogs. BIXBI Skin and Coat jerky treats are loaded with organic mushrooms that help support shiny, full-bodied coats. Packed with enriching antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, our proprietary mushroom blend will have your dog looking like they are fresh from the spa. Skin and coat also provides protein-rich nutrition without the added junk commonly found in other treats. CHUCKIT! RUGGED FLYER is best suitable toy for a game of fetch. With a strong plastic body and an over molded TPR covering, the Rugged Flyer is suitable for sizes great and small. The ridged design allows for easy catching, pick up and a little bit of tug with Fido. Ethical Pet Handi-Drink Instant Dog Drinker-Plastic Travel water bottle that attaches to your lead or belt loop for easy toting along your walks, runs or trips to your pets favorite places. removable water trout for easy multiple pet access and cleaning. Includes 60 inch carry strap and belt clip.

Intended For:
This package is intended for water loving pooches

Pet Attire Ribbon Nylon Leash 5/8"x6"
Coastal Double Ply Nylon Collar 1x18in
Bixbi Skin and Coat Liver Jerky 14.8 Oz
Chuckit! Rugged Flyer Regular
Portable Water Feeder 9 Oz


Product Actual Price Combo Price
Pet Attire Ribbon Nylon Leash 8.30 8.00
Coastal Double Ply Nylon Collar 7.5 7.00
Bixbi Skin and Coat Liver Jerky 12.49 12.00
Chuckit! Rugged Flyer 11.50 11.00
Portable Water Feeder 7 6
TOTAL 46.79 44.00
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