⦁ Package perfectly assembled for a long walk
⦁ Makes a long walk easy and comfortable
⦁ Contains-1 Small ComfiGrip Flexible Tape Dog Leash, 1 Coastal Check Training Collar, 1 BIXBI Pocket Trainers and 1 Ethical Pet Handi-Drink Instant Dog Drinker.

ComfiGrip Flexible Tape Dog Leash offers flexibility, comfort and safety for the long walk and Coastal Check Training Collar is a round nylon training collars offer an alternative to chain and are perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. It is durable and lightweight. BIXBI Pocket Trainers are great mini training treats packed with nutrition to boot!Grain Free.No Wheat, Corn or Soy. Ethical Pet Handi-Drink Instant Dog Drinker-Plastic Travel water bottle that attaches to your lead or belt loop for easy toting along your walks, runs or trips to your pets favorite places. removable water trout for easy multiple pet access and cleaning. Includes 60 inch carry strap and belt clip

Intended For:
This package is intended for pet lovers and pets who love to have a long walkin the park, or hikes, camping, vacations, beach etc.

ComfiGrip Flexible Tape Dog Leash Small weight up to 33lbs
Coastal Check Training Collar Small 5/8X10-14IN
BIXBI Pocket Trainers Chicken 6 Oz


ComfiGrip Flexible Tape Dog Leash 31.57
Coastal Check Training Collar 9.54
BIXBI Pocket Trainers 7.49
TOTAL 51.6

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